Behind the Scenes of Adrian Oblanca’s ‘Sueño Robado’ EP

Spanish studio wizard Adrian Oblanca’s rise to international stardom has been nothing short of mesmerizing. With releases on labels including Cristian Varela’s Pornographic Recordings, Ying Yang, Kool Katz, Over Records and Egothermia Records, it comes as no surprise that he has quickly become one of his native country’s hottest exports – gaining mammoth support from tastemakers like UMEK and Chus & Ceballos along the way.

His latest release comes in the form of ‘Sueño Robado EP’, a record that has become a firm fixture in many DJs record collection this summer. Consisting of infectious offerings called ‘Sueño Robado’ and ‘Big Noise.’ Continuing the Matt Caldwell PR ‘Behind The Scenes’ series is the chat held with Adrian about the EP in more depth.

Hi Adrian, thanks for being here with us. How are you and what’s going on around you at the moment?

Adrian: Hi, nice to meet you the pleasure is mine. As usual, I am working on some productions and ideas in the studio, listening to some new music in order to get a taste of what is going on-musically at the moment and to get some inspiration.

You’ve just released a new EP by the name of ‘Sueño Robado’. How did this project come about?

Adrian: ‘Sueño Robado’ is the first track of my latest EP. It was a difficult project to shape because of the vocals that I chose to blend with the music. It is inspired by a traditional Spanish track that I sampled, hence the name of the track. In the meantime another hard thing was to get closer to The Bedroom sound.

How would you describe this EP in terms of style and sound?

Adrian: In this EP I decided to experiment and play around with some fresh sounds and synths, and at the same time I focused on a style varying from Tech House to Techno – the outcome was really good.

Where did you draw inspiration for it?

Adrian: This summer I was working a lot and at the same time I have a few new people that helped me get inspiration so I carried a lot of new ideas for the studio. At the end of the day is all about the people you have around you and how you can creatively transfer their energy to a track!

How long did it take to complete the production?

Adrian: Regarding the ‘Sueño Robado’ track, it took me around a week to complete – maybe a little more, ‘Big Noise’ took around eight to ten days to finish.

Could you walk us through the production process behind the tracks in ‘Sueño Robado’?

Adrian: First of all, I focus a lot on the kick and the bass of a track – they are the ‘heart’ of my productions. Next, I worked on the beat so I could get a solid groove with some percussive elements that basically give the track its rhythm throughout the tracks. When all of the above were in place I worked with all other elements (vocals, synths etc) and gave the tracks their final shape.

Which plug-ins and sounds shaped this project?

Adrian: Suelo utilizar, SuboomBass, Massive, Sylenth for some specific sounds and effects – I found them very helpful and they gave me some ‘inspiring push’ but the main software that I use for music production is Ableton Live.

‘Sueño Robado’ got signed by The Bedroom – how did you spark a relationship with this label?

Adrian: The initial contact was made with Konstantinos (label manager) who expressed his interest in me working with the label so we started talking about the possibility of making a release for ‘The Bedroom’. I loved the label’s ideas and how they work because aside from being just a label, these guys are an artistic crew that blends music and design altogether!

Where would you imagine this production being played?

Adrian: Spain and Greece are definitely places that ‘Sueño Robado EP’ has been heard. I also have audiences in Latin America, Mexico and Argentina. Besides that Cristian Valera has supported the release, but any big artist that plays my tracks would make me feel honoured.

Describe ‘Sueño Robado’ in three word.

Adrian: Fun, energetic, playful!

Why should people listen to ‘Sueño Robado’?

Adrian: I try to convey my life through my music so if you listen to it you will get to know a bit more about me. It is also the best way to listen to some happy and groovy music that makes you want to dance!

Do you have any other projects in the pipeline this year?

Adrian: I’m working on many project this year. At the moment I’m focusing on an EP that I’m producing for Cristian Valera’s label, Pornographic Recordings. I’m also working on a project for my own label Over Records as well as getting ready for a live DJ performance in Greece for The Bedroom.

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