Estancia La Mar-Sesiones de Panamá: Album Review

Estancia La Mar is a “dream-team” trio made up of three of the most sought after names in the Chilean music scene: Mario Martinez, Pablo Muñoz and Juan Pabla Abalo. “Sesiones de Panamá’ was recorded live in a studio, producing six tracks giving you over fifty minutes of music that shines with soothing atmospheric and psychedelic soundscapes, house and Balearic that make up the perfect ingredients for this Music For Dreams release. ‘Botavara’ opens the album with a dreamy xylophone melody on a backdrop of breezy synthesizer generated layers and in the background is the progressive percussion rhythms that are integral, however, so subtle that quickens the pace leading you to the 2nd track, ‘La Casa Del Torrero.’

Following in the footsteps of the opening track, this melody once again features a xylophone but more in an experimental fashion that evolves and grows through the use of electronics. Bringing some dramatics to the track they use simple piano chords, trippy sound effects, and a shuffling trancy inducing electronic drum rhyhtm. Third in line is the track ‘El Pacifico Mexicano.’ The driving electronic percussion beats moves you along a jungle inspired song dripping with layers of brightly orchestrated synthesizer chords. Halfway in and you’re at ‘Isla Margarita.’ Hypnotic, but not too overbearing, this ten minute track is bright and rolls along nicely in a peaceful easy ambient groove, giving one a a feeling of deep relaxation. On the track ‘Terminos & Condiciones’ they move in a slightly different direction featuring a vocal sample and utilizing the feel of the album’s music thus far in, but like I said it’s slightly different. ‘Polaris,’ the closer, has the dance groove firmly nailed down powered by pulsating bass drums kicks, rapid electronics and bringing the return of the wooden mallet instrumentation (either a xylophone or vibraphone), putting forth the most dancey track of the six.

I’m a fan of Music For Dreams productions and the label consitently releases great music that is expected, yet unexpected and I never ever walk away disappointed. As a matter of fact, most of the time, I return to MFD releases again and again for repeat listens. The “Sesiones de Panamá” album will certainly be on my repeat list. So, for those that are inclined to ambient music with just a taste of house and Balearic touches and are looking for that perfect soundtrack to chill out, appreciate, or meditate with, this album would be an excellent choice.

One last thing to mention here and that is the musical talents that are represented in the compositions and songwriting. Martinez, Muñoz and Abalo each apply their skills as writers and musical visionaries and easily became a cohesive unit producing such a high standard recording.

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—Joseph Arthur


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