Infected Mushroom ‘Friends on Mushrooms’ Review

Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani comprise the main members and masterminds behind Infected Mushroom. The duo are legends in their native country (Haifa, Israel) and established boundary pushers of the electronic genre outside of it. Armed with a cavalcade of sounds and ideas. Their forthcoming, Friends on Mushrooms album continues their vibrant take on the genres of Dubstep, Trance, House, Ska, and Drum-n-Bass. Read the full review here.



  1. Katkaf
  2. Bass Nipple
  3. Savant on Mushrooms (feat. Savant)
  4. Kipod
  5. Kazabubu
  6. Now Is Gold (feat. Kelsey Karter)
  7. Rise Up
  8. Nerds on Mushrooms (feat. Pegboard Nerds)
  9. Mambacore
  10. Where Do I Belong
  11. Astrix on Mushrooms
  12. Who Is There
  13. Bark
  14. Trance Party
  15. See Me Now
  16. The French
  17. Kipod (RIOT Remix)



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