The Journey Of Mahmut Orhan Is All About The Feel

Mahmut Orhan‘s music is a tasty mixture of soulful deep house, groovy indie dance and exotic sounds from his his homeland—Turkey. He’s had “all kinds” of accolades and praise, high chart positions on iTunes in multiple countries and is part of the “100+ million streams” club, thanks to his 2016 Ultra Music global smash hit “Feel” featuring Sena Sener. Born in Bursa, Mahmut Orhan started out in the dance world by remixing tracks from the 80s and 90s, honing his skills and broadening his palate for dance music as the Music Director at one of the most popular nightclubs in Istanbul, Chilai, a position he still holds today. Gaining respect, admiration and the courting of several labels and presenters have all put Mahmut Orhan on a high trajectory path to wider exposure and recognition. In this Q&A, Catherine Strickland goes deep with Mahmut asking some questions and getting some insightful answers.

Read the interview here.

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