Kryder Presents “Metaverse” Volume 1

Kryder rode the bleeding edge into 2021, fusing VR, avatars, motion-capture and CGI to take us on a monthly trip into his ‘dance-anywhere’ Metaverse. Alongside digital concept house Conduit XR, he flipped the script on lockdown, brought the show to the audience and delivered a reality-rivalling experience.

As it starts its second season (and in step with the release of his single-latest Pleasure Or Pain’), the English DJ/producer levels up again, adding a new dimension to the Metaverse. Mirroring the shows’ punchy ‘no fillers’ festival ethic, today, Kryder presents Volume 1 of his ‘Metaverse’ mixcomp.

Each Metaverse is defined not by a genre, but by Kryder’s criteria, and amongst its most vital is sonic exclusivity. Every offering – be it show or mixcomp – is comprised of music solely available to Kryder, who draws it from his Sosumi, Cartel & Kryteria label-wellspring. Through this new audio font (featuring the likes of Eddie Thoneick, Leykenda, Jora Ft. Reptile Room, Crusy, Lohrasp and Clubwire), Kryder once again bucks classification. Skating in, out and through galvanised house & progressive thrust, its music regularly backflips into tech, whilst flirting furiously with trance and a half-dozen other sub-styles.

In addition to ‘Pleasure Or Pain’, the album also brings first contact with two more Kryder creations, as ‘You & I’ – his pumping DEADLINE collab tag-team with the more broodsome, but no less floor-centric ‘Crashing Down’ (w/Asymptone). If Kryder’s music does have one defining feature, its hookiness, and ‘Metaverse Volume 1’ is all about that, bringing brain-dilating catchiness end-to-end. One listen and you can kiss the rest of your musical week goodbye, ‘Volume 1‘ of Kryder Presents Metaverse hits today!

More about Kryder’s Kryteria Metaverse: The virtual experience uses full body motion-capture technology to capture Kryder ‘s DJ performance and then superimpose it onto an avatar in a virtual world. Using Hollywood-level film industry technology and AAA video game development tools, the Metaverse experience is tied together via live-streaming streaming to VR/AR and consoles. In a saturated market of live-streams, the Kryteria metaverse is establishing brand-new music, giving producers a chance to get their fresh tracks heard for the first time across a truly creative platform. Experience it at

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