Marcus Knight: Behind The Decks

Fresh off the back of his latest release “Meridian,” Marcus Knight is looking forward. With festival season fast approaching, the world class DJ with nearly two decades experience in the industry is ready to hit the decks once again and show everybody a thing or two. With an eclectic history of his own productions, as well as playing at THE biggest events in the world alongside some incredible fellow pioneers, there’s nothing this man hasn’t done. Matt Caldwell PR caught up with Marcus to learn a bit more about what got him in to DJing and what he loves about it!

Hey Marcus! So lets start simple, what attracted you to DJing?

Marcus Knight: Like many, it started out as a hobby and a way to earn some extra cash on the weekend. The concept of being the conductor in a room and creating all sorts of craziness was so addictive. Possibly that’s the reason why I despise Monday through to Wednesday most weeks!

What is it your number one reason you enjoy DJing?

MK: Creating raw emotion on the floor through music is powerful stuff. It’s a crazy type of connection between a DJ and the audience.

Do you have a favourite gig you have played?

MK: My 5-hour set in 2013 at Bora Bora in Ibiza was amazing. 

What made it the best?

MK: So many people from all over the world enjoying cutting edge House music like that was beautiful. DC10 has a similar vibe, which I love.

What is your most common genre you mix, or do you enjoy switching them up?

MK: I like to switch it up and introduce elements to keep the dancefloor engaged. Everyone plays differently which is cool too.

Do you often showcase your new songs in your mixes?

MK: Sure thing. I like to test my new records to make sure the mix sounds good and check out the initial crowd reaction.

What is your favorite venue and why?

MK: Onesixone in Melbourne Australia for underground Dance music is great. Great sound system and their crowd appreciates good music. 

What would be your advice to any young DJ’s looking to make a name for themselves in their local scene?

MK: Challenge yourself constantly with finding new amazing music, be patient whilst you wait for the next opportunity and never forget to enjoy the moment!

Top three tips for any budding DJs, young and old?

MK: Know your music collection back to front. Develop your own edge so you stand out. Like your mixing style and genre changes. Keep spare back ups of music, cables, etc because you never know…

Finally, do you have a recent or classic mix online we can listen to?

MK: It’s right here.

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