Melé-“The ’95 Vibe”: Single Review

Over the past few months, you may have heard “The ’95 Vibe” (Club Bad) track at Melé’s Liverpool based event series. All seven events were sell-outs by the way, which tells you, Melé has a draw. The official label launch takes place with the premiere release of “The ’95 Vibe’ featuring two distinct cuts “The ’95 Vibe” and “Temptation.” The title track harks back to the days of ‘90s house with nods to Armand Van Helden and Basement Jaxx. The bassline and percussion beats and super cool vocal loops lay down a scorching dancefloor groove. If it doesn’t get you moving, then there is something wrong with you, just kidding of course. The point is, the track is a burner. The second cut, “Temptation”  leans towards classic house feels, percussive beats and rhythms, interspersed bursts of bright electronics, and a vocal sample here and there takes you  to the other side of the Melé musical spectrum. 



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