Oliver Koletzki-“Fire In The Jungle”: Album Review

Part homage, part prophecy: Fire in the Jungle is the 8th studio album from Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner Oliver Koletzki, released on November 15th, 2019 by Stil vor Talent.

With sounds as diverse as the stamps collected in Koletzki’s passport over the past 18 months, Fire in the Jungle is a statement in itself: complex, verdant, the product of years of growth. From the arid desert tundra of Australia, to the lush turquoise beaches and sacred sites of Mexico, to the dusty Playa of Burning Man: these rich and varied landscapes, people, experiences have strongly influenced Koletzki in the production of this multifaceted masterpiece.

Musical maestro and storyteller Koletzki expertly weaves live instruments with a range of electronic music production techniques, with producers Sam Shure, Township Rebellion, Hidden Empire, Niko Schwind and Cioz taking listeners on an extraordinary aural peregrination of genres and styles. Lyrical and vocal collaborations with Monolink, Aparde, Temple Haze and Lisa Who are layered with Koletzki’s signature sound, adding their unique influence to this distinctive 16-track album.

Running the gamut from full-power, bass heavy dance floor anthems to slower, more sultry tracks, the dramaturgy of this album is matched only by the eclectic exotica and psychedelia of the jungle. 

As the Amazonian jungle burns, this versatile and thought-provoking album raises important questions about what sustains us, and asks us to reconsider the egoism and laziness of the human species. One thing is certain: “Fire In The Jungle” will set your feet, heart and mind ablaze. Personal favorites include “We Are All Lost,” “Lenny In The Sea With Dolphins” and “Boxhagener Platz.




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