Rick Wade-Portraits: EP Review

Save this date! June 12, 2017. Why, you ask? The date marks a 4 track EP release coming from Detroit’s legendary house music producer Rick Wade. The Cacao Records series “Portraits” showcases legendary artists that have influenced and inspired them of the course of their careers. Both versions of the lead track ‘Discolicious’ brings you back to the classic disco vibe and as the title suggests, it is deliciously disco. Using all the ingredients of the genre, horns, deep bass, claps, strings, and throwing in a little electro and when K.E.E.N.E. get his hands on it, watch out!

The second track ‘Still Angry’ is a more laid back old school house jam loaded with groove over 7 minutes long. Gonzo-Gonzo’s edit takes the track one step beyond with an emphasis on the looping melodic structure and the bouncy bass turning it into a slightly more modernistic dance track.

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—Joseph Wensell


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