RÜFÜS DU SOL-“Solace”: Album Review

Keyboardist Jon George, guitarist and vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist and drummer James Hunt form one of Australia’s most popular musical acts—RÜFÜS DU SOL. Eight years in, the trio specializes in making Chart-topping and award winning alternative and indie dance music. In 2011, Jon, Tyrone and James released their self-titled EP “RÜFUS.” The EP would have two singles peaking at #8 and #13 on Hype Machine’s charts. Months later a second EP “RÜFUS Blue” would drop.

Now comes the band’s full player releases. “Atlas”(2013), the first number one LP on the Australian Album charts (2013), brought RÜFUS into the spotlight with 4 spectacular singles, “Take Me,” “Desert Night,” “Tonight” and “Sundream.” Followed by “Bloom” in 2016, this gorgeous LP also reached the number one position on the Australian album charts and is a certified double platinum release. Their third full-length release, “Solace” (2018), is the first album under a new name, changing from RÜFUS to RÜFUS DU SOL. The explanation, according to Tyrone goes: “I guess we don’t really know any other bands that have two names throughout the entire world so it just seemed fitting.” 

Now that the formalities are briefly spelled out, we can dig in to the music on the new album. “Solace’s” 9 songs provides a lyrical narrative of self-realization, second chances, lost love and acceptance. Musically, you get everything from sonic booms, drum and bass to deep house music with beautiful melodies soaked in dark melancholic tones to brighter summery soundscapes and quicker tempos. Highlights include the softly tempered opening track “Treat You Better,” “Eyes” with its supersonic drum and bass parts, the dance oriented title track “Solace,” “Lost In My Mind,” “New Sky” and “No Place.”

“Solace” is destined for 2018 year-end “Best of” lists. The album documents the growth that Jon, Tyrone and James have achieved over the course of their eight years together, reaching the next creative plateau and producing beautiful deep house productions. Having the maturity and bravery to tell their introspective stories to the masses also proves that the trio is ready for bigger success and exposure. So, in closing, a simple statement should suffice. With “Solace,” RÜFÜS DU SOL have confidently taken a gigantic step forward in becoming an international powerhouse and joining the world’s elite.



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