Super8 & Tab Release “Scorchin’ Sessions Vol.1”

New labels are conceived for any numbers of reasons, some distinct and others less so. From showcasing a new sound or A&R approach to the artist taking control of their own music, every one has its own end. 

Coming into being in order to expose just some of the new, high quality artist material arriving into their inbox, Super8 & Tab’s Scorchin’ Records was no different. Indeed the quality & quantity received proved so high that the label last year swiftly opened its sister imprint, Scorchin’ Progressive. In the nexus between the two lies the sonic distillation of Super8 & Tab. A pinpoint blend of the musically cool, calm & collected and the floor-centrically fiery, it’s a constant recap of where the pair are at. 

Today, through the medium of “Scorchin Sessions Vol.1,” the two labels collectively offer a futurespective of their new release season.

Given the above, where else would you expect Scorchin’s first “Session” to begin than in the chill-some progressive slopes, and even more specifically with the glacial “Lost Island” from BetweenUs. Stockholm’s Sam Heyan follows up his 2020 “Nessus” drop with newie “Corvus,” while Angel One’s appropriately beatific “Each Of Us” pops its own brand of gooseflesh. Seeing a late-January single release, “Signal” from Nick Hayes is up next before Francesco Sambero lands his third KO (after “Aperture” & the “Ghosts EP”) for the label with the Katrine Stenbekk-sung “Someone Needs A Hero.”

On the eve of its release Miika & Janne commented: “This must be the most unique mix compilation from us yet. Not only because it’s the first of its kind on Scorchin’, but also in terms of how much we’ve worked together with our artists. All 17 tracks have been exclusively made for the compilation and we’re super proud of our artists and how much effort & heart they put into them. Scorchin’ Sessions Vol.1 is a great showcase for what Scorchin’ Records have to offer in 2021.”

As the chime of Tom Klay’s “Astronaut” fades, Progressive’s smoke erupts into Scorchin’ Recs fire as Emerge (of “Petrichor” renown) brings more burn to the label’s door. Hot on the heels of his “Insight” & “I Feel It” outings is Avenia, as the Fin teams with Cali’s Jorza to deliver some “Fever.” Reznor (aka Rahat Rashid) is dropping double too, albeit in remix form as Ben McConnell’s skyscrapes on the mix of “How Could It Be” and Reliquary’s goes turbo inferno on “2800 Miles.” Bringing Scorchin’s 2021 preview to a high-pressure head are HamzeH, with his emotively bleep-soaked “Warlock” and Ben McConnell, who returns with his rafter-blasting “Moonwake.”

Get it here.

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