Victor Ruiz-“Beautiful Berlin”-EP Review

Victor Ruiz’s latest EP “Berlin Beauty”on Noir Music is quite simply, a powerful studio recording that makes an immediate impression of his vision of 21st Century Techno music. This striking release features three contemporary techno tracks inspired by his “new home”—the city of Berlin.  The title track, “Berlin Beauty” pulsates with a kick drum and rapid-fire snare drums opening up to the minimalist melodic line that is gritty and distorted, in parts, laying down eight plus minutes of sweaty, dirty techno. Track two, “Scorpio,” pounds the beat with his usage of 909 kicks, high-octane percussion patterns and bursts of industrial stylized bass tones. “Down Under,” Ruiz’s homage to Australia, tracking in at almost 11 minutes, features more ambience, clicks and a tight groove that sets on you a path of anticipation through the track’s evolution.



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